COVID-19 In-depth On-line Self-Assessment

SecondOpinionExpert, Inc., has developed an in-depth online software tool with which anyone can easily obtain an assessment as to their Covid-19 (potential) exposure and infection status. The process is simple: 1) Register securely online 2) complete yes or no answers to comprehensive medical questionnaire questions; the results are provided instantaneously. The link is This service is free of charge. The assessment can be repeated any number of times as the situation changes.

We would like to make this free Risk Assessment tool available to the entire population of the United States. This Risk Assessment tool is not in competition with other excellent tools. It was developed under CDC and WHO guidelines along with research results from many U.S. and other prestigious medical institutions, including some of the most world renowned, Board Certified physicians who are on our panel of 300+ physicians. The profile and background of our physicians are on our website.

We believe that while biologically based tests are established as the best way to diagnose for Covid-19 infection, it is also known that a significant percentage of biological tests are false positive or negative and the reliability is rather uncertain. Our test is fully accurate, and as a person’s situation changes, one may have to take the test again, and again. We also understand that the costs associated with taking and re-taking biological tests maybe cost-prohibitive.

Our technology development is an Evidence Based Online Digital Test; this risk assessment is not a substitution for a biological test but is an evidence based assessment complementary to a biological test. Additionally, the results a user will obtain are not simply binary (positive or negative), as is obtained from a biological test, but our Risk Assessment yields results in four result levels: 1. Remote 2. Possible 3. Probable and 4. Certain Infection. The advantage of this risk assessment evidence based test is that people need only seek medical help when the results show Probable or Certain Infection. Moreover, this test can be taken any number of times as situation changes.

SecondOpinionExpert, Inc.