Join the SoCalBio Partnership for Pandemics Countermeasures
As the coronavirus outbreak sweeps the globe, fear and anxiety are starting to induce social, economic and functional paralysis. It is shameful, in a region that prides itself on being one of the top cradles of bioscience and healthcare research, that we sit idly by while the Coronavirus runaway contagion threatens to shut down everything.
SoCalBio hopes this outbreak can be a catalyst for innovation. The organization’s leadership seeks to mobilize local innovators to mount a Coronavirus counterattack. We are therefore calling on innovators in Southern California who are developing bioscience or digital health solutions to diagnose, monitor and contain pandemics to join the SoCalBio Partnership for Pandemics Countermeasures.
SoCalBio will:
  1. Showcase your technology/solution during its upcoming conferences,
  2.  Facilitate partnership creation to tap into more funding to speed R&D and help in commercialization activities, and
  3. Help in creating linkages with providers, local government, and other stakeholders launching countermeasures.
Areas of interest include:
  1.  Connected Point-of-Care (POC) and in-Home Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases
  2. Solutions and Analytics for Predicting and Tracking Epidemics and Pandemics
  3. Zoonotic Infectious Diseases
  4. Artificial Intelligence to Decipher Viral Genomes and Speed Vaccine Development
  5. Wearable Technology for Real-Time Tracking and Controlling the Spread of Infectious Diseases
  6. Virtual Care Platforms to Empower Caregivers and Patients
  7. Bots for Remote Care and Drones for Medication Delivery
  8. Solutions for Response Coordination, Outbreak Containment, Payment, and Reimbursement

If interested send an executive summary regarding your project/company to SoCalBio at or call us at 800-418-7079 ext 1