The Southern California Biomedical Council (SoCalBio) offers member companies and organizations the opportunity to save money on products and services procured through the Biotechnology Innovation Organization’s BioBusiness Solution program.

Managed by the SoCalBio Group Purchasing Committee, The SoCalBio Group Purchasing Program is offered only to SoCalBio members based in the Greater Los Angeles/Orange County/Inland Empire/Gold Coast region.

SoCalBio is please to partner with Airgas to secure deep discounts on industrial and medical gases

Member Benefits

  • Airgas will pay a 5% Growth Rebate on all gas sales that exceed the prior 12 month sales, “the baseline.” If an existing Airgas customer joins SoCalBio as a member, their previous year’s sales will be added to the baseline for the purpose of determining the growth rebate. The rebates dollars will be given back to the membership based on their percentage of the total SoCalBio membership spend.
  • Cylinder rental rates: High pressure cylinder rental rate is $0.25/day 
  • Dewar rental rate is $1.50/day, a flat monthly rate rental fee option is also available to members on an individual basis

Gas Related Equipment. Discounts for gas related equipment will be allowed at the following rates:

  • Regulators: less 20% from list price
  • Valves: less 20 % from list price
  • Gas flow sensors: less 10% from list price
  • Cryogenic Units: less 18% from list price
  • Monitors: less 10% from list price
  • Supplies and Equipment: less 10% from list price

Bulk gas supply systems, Cryo Install and Maintenance – priced upon request

To Enrol, Contact:

  • Todd Price MSc., Specialty Gases, University, and LifeSciences Specialist
    Airgas USA, LLC
    2600 South Fairview Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92704
    619 787 1425
  • Craig Welch (Los Angeles /San Fernando Valley north to Bakersfield)
    Business Manager, Specialty Gases Sales Specialist, Life Sciences,  Specialty Gases Sales  Specialist

For more information or to be considered as a preferred vendor, please call SoCalBio at 1-800-418-7079 or send e-mail to