Multi-dimensional virtual care telemedicine platform

SnapMD provides healthcare providers with a private-label telemedicine platform that can be deployed to manage patients in a variety of settings and circumstances.

Manage suspected coronavirus and confirmed COVID-19 patients.
+ Assess patients in remote settings suspected of the virus using CDC guidelines.
+ Inform patients of test results.
+ For patients with modest COVID-19 disease, initiate care and monitor the patient in remote settings.
+ Manage patients post-discharge from a hospital for ongoing treatment or monitoring

As part of the social distancing policies, remote visits can be used to provide care to the general population:
+ Provide virtual urgent care visits for low acuity medical needs,
+ Conduct follow-up and check-in visits for the chronically ill, and
+ Meet mental health and other emerging needs from the general population.

For full details on the platform and use cases, contact SnapMD at: or call 800) 380-9332.