Remote cardiac and respiratory monitoring

Coala Life was founded in Sweden with a mission to develop patient-centric solutions powered by smart algorithms. The company is on a mission to digitally transform the field of cardiac diagnostics, to help win the battle against the world’s leading cause of death – heart disease.

The company has launched the COALA Heart Monitor is a CE and FDA-cleared medical solution used by thousands of patients and near 300 connected providers to help detect early signs of heart disease and alleviate worries.

To help battle Covid-19, the company has expanded the indications of use for the Coala, supported by FDA’s Emergency Guidance, to enable remote respiratory monitoring of patient’s in their homes. Furthermore, the system expanded abilities to remotely monitor multiple arrhythmias remotely and in real-time. The new features enable home-based vital monitoring and eliminating needs of physical interaction between patient and provider.

The novel features, described further here,

Coala Life’s unique innovations have also been used in large clinical studies, and honored with over 15 prestigious industry awards and supported by over USD 20 million in funding. Coala Life has expanded with customers in US, Germany, Netherlands and Japan.