Safe Access

Allow me to share a new software platform we’re rapidly developing and deploying in our community called Safe Access. Here’s a bit more on it:

Safe Access is a software platform built specifically to build trust between locations and its visitors. Our initial target market is general contractors, sub-contractors, and the buildings and locations they work in every day but we’re finding interest from professional service providers like CPAs, retail, restaurants, manufacturing, and even trucking/deliveries. Core features of the app include:

Policy Management: Manage all company and location based policies to ensure visitors know and follow the rules.
Touchless Check-Ins: Visitors complete a touchless Check-In on their phones by completing a health screening and all location based policies.
Visitor Tracking: Track each visitor from Check-In to Check-Out so you know who is on site all the time.
Reporting: Full reporting on visitors, policies, and locations to better manage, review, and audit your locations and policies over time.
Audit Support: Digital proof that policies were being followed in the case of legal or other concerns brought by employees, sub-contractors, or other visitors to locations.

Let me know if you’d like to get a free account setup or would like to see a demo and we’ll schedule a zoom. or 949-280-1761