Ultraviolet-based Disinfection of N95 Respirator Masks


Amid the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, despite efforts by the private sector and governments globally, access to a steady supply of N95 respirator masks is lacking. An important mitigation approach to the limited supply of N95 masks is the irradiation and reuse of existing N95 masks, which the CDC contends is a promising strategy, especially during a pandemic. Recently, a hospital-approved ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) workflow for masks has become available. Ideally, healthcare workers (HCWs) should not routinely resort to reusing masks. However, if needed, the integration of the UVC-based CL-3000 crosslinker into a hospital-approved UVGI workflow will generate 1 J/cm2 of UVC with reproducible results.

Shortwave ultraviolet light (UVC) has germicidal properties by acting directly on the DNA/RNA of microorganisms. DNA/RNA absorb ultraviolet light maximally at approximately 260 nm, which, as a consequence, damages the DNA/RNA structure.

For more information on the disinfection capabilities of the UVP Crosslinker CL-3000 visit the product page or read the application note.

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