25th Annual SoCalBio Conference

October 26 – 27, 2023 (PDT) | Westin Long Beach
333 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802

Day 1, October 26, 2023

5:00 PM Registration Start Cocktail Reception and Networking
7:00 PM Dinner
7:50 PM Welcoming Remarks and Acknowledging Sponsors
8:00 PM Honoring the SoCalBio Innovation Catalyst Program Members
8:15 PM Keynote Speaker
8:45 PM Day one adjournment

Day 2, October 27, 2023

7:00 AMBreakfast & Sponsor Display Set up
8:00 AMSoCalBio Welcoming remarks
8:10 AMKeynote Presentations:
This Keynote will provide a comparative assessment of the health of the bioscience industry in the Greater Los Angeles Metro Region. From capital investments to research & development, the TEConomy speaker will highlight the impact of the bioscience industry across the region’s innovation system, its growing importance to the Greate Los Angeles economy, and SoCalBio’s historical role in ensuring the future of the industry and its role as an economic driver in the region. Ryan Helwig, Principal, TEConomy
9:00 AMBreak
9:15 AM

AI Innovations in Life Science


  • Robert J. Greenberg M.D., Ph.D. – Chairman and CEO at huMannity Medtec / The Alfred Mann Foundation
  • William Dolphin Ph.D.
  • Mark Steyvers – Professor, Department of Cognitive Sciences, UCI
10:00 AM

Emerging Trends and Funding Opportunities in Femtech


  • Felicia Hsu, M.D. – Investor | BOLD Capital


  • Julie Hakim – Assistant Professor @ Baylor University; Co-Founder of FemTech Focus
  • Naseem Sayani – Co-Founder & Managing Director | Emmeline Venture
  • Anula Jayasuriya – Founder & Managing Director | EXXclaim Capital
10:45 AMBreak
11:00 AMEmerging Company Presentations
 Track 1
11:00 AM – Angel City Bio: Drug delivery system that targets therapies to the intestine and liver.
11:15 AM – CDR3 Therapeutics: a curative stem cell gene immunotherapy, delivering chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) or T cell receptors (TCRs) to treat virus-associated cancers.
11:30 AM – CellEcho Biotechnologies: Faster/more cost-effective method of immunotherapy modifications
11:45 AM – GeneXell: vertically integrated CDMO delivering rapid and economical biomanufacturing of AAV gene therapy, oncolytic, and stem cell therapy.
12:00 PM – Heliogenomics: Liquid biopsy early cancer detection tests, committed to revolutionizing healthcare through cutting-edge research and development.
12:15 PM – Pace Diagnostics: Rapid diagnostic for TB and Lung Cancer
12:30 PM – Zymo Pharma: pre-clinical biotech company developing a small molecule neuroprotectant therapy, named XKS07, with primary indication for acute stroke treatment.
 Track 2
11:00 AM – Total Flow Medical: A heart-lung bypass femoral arterial cannula prevents limb injury by providing dedicated blood flow to the leg.
11:15 AM – Cogmotos: Intranasal drug delivery to combat several challenging neurodegenerative diseases and cognitive-aging indication
11:30 AM – Fluid Biomed: World’s 1st Polymer-Based Neurovascular Stent to Treat Brain Aneurysms
11:45 AM – Ravata Solutions: automating the in-vitro fertilization process and decision-making on embryo quality to increase treatment options for the 99% of Americans with infertility unable to access care.
12:00 PM – Sayenza Bio: Automating the processing of fat tissue to create injectable stem cells for limitless regenerative medicine applications
12:15 PM – Scorpido Photonics: Plasmonic Nanobubble Laser Endoscope to instantly detect and destroy cancer
12:30 PM – Automedicus: Transformative closed-loop physiologic blood pressure control device called AutoPress that has been used in over 100 open heart surgical cases
12:30 PMLunch & Networking
2:00 PMEmerging Company Presentations
 Track 1
2:00 PM – AI Vali: AIDREA, a versatile AI platform equipped with multiple AI engines for real-time endoscopy video image analysis, also extending its capabilities to other medical image analysis.
2:15 PM – At Their Side: HIPAA-compliant 24/7 healthcare status platform that enables healthcare providers to easily and efficiently communicate with families.
2:30 PM – Blue Marble Health: a comprehensive remote therapeutic monitoring software Platform for chronic disease and aging.
2:45 PM – Ekokeryx: Instruments and tests to help researchers and clinicians detect disease earlier using extracellular vesicles
3:00 PM – LuxAeterna: the Next Gen Imaging Solution for Medical Companies
3:15 PM – Oculotix: Enhance outcomes and increase revenues in cataract surgeries, with the use of artificial intelligence and deep
3:30 PM – Latin America’s first health data and EHR aggregator
 Track 2
2:00 PM – Acatechol: Innovative surface tech prevents catheter-related bloodstream infections, potentially saving millions of lives globally annually.
2:15 PM – Swiftsure: Novel products for improving oral care, quality of life, and outcomes for mechanically ventilated patients.
2:30 PM – SynovaLife: Medical devices and methodologies to harvest the body’s power to treat the symptoms associated with degenerative conditions.
2:45 PM – Thimble: a platform offering a comprehensive range of solutions addressing needle pain, fear, and anxiety.
3:00 PM – Uplyft: 1st seated self-transfer system between bed and wheelchair, that can also be operated by a caregiver or nurse with zero physical force
3:15 PM – Vena Medical: Developing a breakthrough technology that features the world’s smallest camera, revolutionizing stroke treatment by providing direct visualization in veins and arteries.
3:30 PM – Vessl Prosthetics: Revolutionizing comfort for folks with amputations by designing an automatically adjusting prosthetic socket that adapts to dynamic changes in limb size.
3:30 PMInvesting in Health Innovation
5:00 PMClosing Cocktail Reception 
7:00 PMConference Adjourns