Managed by the SoCalBio Group Purchasing Committee, The SoCalBio Group Purchasing Program is offered only to SoCalBio members based in the Greater Los Angeles/Orange County/Inland Empire/Gold Coast region.

About Trinet:

TriNet Life Sciences is the bundled HR product tailored to the specific HR needs of life sciences companies. The product features streamlined self-service, a broad selection of big company benefits and direct access to HR guidance from a four-tiered team of HR professionals. Through extensive experience serving life sciences companies, TriNet has developed HR expertise resulting in a seamless client experience. By partnering with us, you can focus on what’s important—raising capital, developing scientific breakthroughs, commercializing products, and building your team and infrastructure to support your business expansion.

Benefits of TriNet Services

  • Vertically Tailored Solution Fits Your Unique Needs
    TriNet believes that every small and midsize business is unique, so HR should not be one solution that fits all. Our bundled solutions and product features are tailored by industry, giving customers competitive advantages with stellar HR processes and services.
  • Large-Group Health Care Benefits
    Our industry-leading scale enables us to offer a wider selection of large group plans that would not otherwise be available to (or competitively priced for) small companies. Plans are TriNet-sponsored, so we understand them deeply and can service them expertly.
  • Risk and Compliance Under Control
    TriNet takes a proactive approach to risk mitigation and assumes much of the employer-related risk when it comes to administering payroll and employee benefit plans, and complying with employment regulations. It is in our best interests to help customers stay compliant.
  • In-depth Service and Expertise
    Our dedicated service teams provide specific levels of expertise to support for our clients’ employees, managers and executives. We are proactive in providing day-to-day support and have deep expertise to address complex HR and compliance issues.
  • Enterprise-Level Cloud Platform
    TriNet has built an industry-leading proprietary technology infrastructure with role-based self-service capabilities. The platform eliminates paperwork and manual effort for critical HR processes, including hiring and terminating employees, payroll, benefit administration, and reporting and analytics.

To Enroll, Contact:

For more information or to be considered as a preferred vendor, please call SoCalBio at 1-800-418-7079 or send e-mail to