Workforce Development



Marc Better, PhD, VP of Production Sciences, Kite Pharma

Wendie Johnston, PhD, Pasadena Bioscience Collaborative

William Pratt, Executive VP, Kinamed

Willie Zuniga, President, Grifols Biologicals


Southern California Biomedical Council (SoCalBio)

617 S. Olive St., Ste. 700

Los Angeles, CA 90014



  1. SoCalBio Member Benefits:
    • Job Board that links companies with job seekers
    • Comprehensive human resource solutions with TriNet
    • Seminars on changes in labor law
  2. Southern California BioGENEius Challenge:
    • Selecting outstanding Southern California high school students to compete on an international stage with some of the brightest scientific minds in the world during the Annual International BIO Convention.
  3. SoCalBio provides industry guidance to local colleges on how to adjust curricula to meet industry needs:
  4. Designing Specific programs to meet industry needs. Initiatives include:
  5. Events for Partnership formation:

Through its Workforce Summit, SoCalBio provides a forum for bioscience company executives, workforce development professionals, educators, and public policy makers to network and exchange information.